Discord Community Creations

So many awesome things are being shared on our Discord. The community is amazing and this post is simply about showing some of the great creations.

Showing some of the amazing creations shared on the CREY Discord. If you can not spot something you’ve shared on the Discord, it is simply because there is so much being shared. If you would like to be featured in future community posts, share your CREY creations on Discord.

Big sci-fi laser driller by Discord member theartistdiamond

Available as a box in the library for everyone to use

Fully functioning crane by Discord member The Racoon

A fully functioning crane with a lift to the top where you control it. With in-game instructions of how to use it

Gem-spawning snowman by Discord member torrent_loader

A snowman spawning a gem with points on destruction

Thunderbird 4 (TB4) by Discord member jordo

“From a game I’m building” by Discord member redgie

Screenshot from the game The Treck

Robbie the Robot by Discord member F4eddy

Airstrike by Discord member Cezaricius

Available as a box in the library for everyone to use

Screenshots from a world being build by Discord member Daxos

Metro simulator setup by Discord member Bartoon

Metro Simulator work in progress

Cargo hatch by Discord member d_san

A big cargo hatch with real vent holes

For more community creations join the Discord today and share what you create

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