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The 5 Featured Games:

It’s time to display some of the amazing games built and shared on Discord. If you would like to be featured in future community posts, join us on Discord and share screenshots and recordings of what you have built. Alright, let’s get started…

Soul Hunters by Karbonium

The Ethereal Land is the place where souls are coming when they die. As a Soul Hunter, you will look for these souls. Kill your enemies and resolve all the mysteries of this strange world to become the most powerful Soul Hunter!

Cats vs Dogs by torrent_loader

Those nasty dogs have got on cats nerves… Go out there and shoot them with our cat friend Moonburger!

The Random Platformer by Nicolai9852

Nicolai9852 created this game with his 8 and 10 year old cousins in around an hour. Have fun and enjoy!

CREY’s Hardest Game by Aeceret

Get the red square to the green area after collecting all the yellow circles while avoiding blue circles, quite simple really. Try to beat all 10 levels with as few deaths as possible. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Little Pipi Story by kiranslee

Little Pipi grew up without her mom. Today she decide to go on adventure to explore the island a bit more.

Remember to share your creations on our Discord for a chance to be featured.

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