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The 5 Featured Games:

It is time to share some of the amazing games built and shared on Discord. If you would like to be featured in future community posts, join us on Discord and share screenshots, recordings and links of what you have built.

Let’s get started…

Line Runner Template by Ahmedxr2009

Kidnapped by Nicolai9852

Mr. Bacon has kidnapped you once again. Time to escape. But the escape route doesn’t appear to be the same all the time…

Dawn of the Dead by pooiloui2

Island Jump by PLspoko1235

The Tower of Chuchubaba by Fhunbuki

Climb the tower of Chuchubaba and overcome all its chuchuchallenges. This game is intentionally made without save points, mastering the tower is a must for this game.

Remember to share your creations on our Discord for a chance to be featured.

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