New Feature: Shooting

The very first ranged weapon is now available in the library. As by both community request and our own roadmap, this feature was prioritized before entering 2019. You can open the pistol settings and tweak various options: Set the rate of fire, the amount of damage and the range (did someone mention a sniper pistol?). It is running a hitscan, meaning when you fire, the target location is instantly hit. Right-click to zoom. The aim turns red when aiming at targets that takes damage. You can walk, stand and jump while shooting. Bring the hip fire!

The very first ranged weapon in CREY (found in the Pickups TAB)

You Can Only Shoot Destructible Objects

Anything you want to be able to shoot and destroy, needs to be destructible. 
Toggle the destructible option in the object settings menu. When doing so, you can set the amount of hit points for each object, to tailor the experience. Pressing hotkey 9 to play test the chosen hit point/damage settings, is a good way to iterate on the decided hit point and pistol damage.

Revealing a New Shooter Game by Scuden

Builder and game designer Scuden presents: Infestation 

Time to try out the first shooter game available. Jump into a sci-fi setting, where you have been trapped in a hostile facility, by unknown forces. See if you’ve got what it takes to survive. This is the first shooter game in CREY and we look forward to seeing your shooting games/creations as the adventure sprints ahead. PLAY INFESTATION

Future Shooting Features

As we progress further, iterating and adding to the shooting mechanic will take place. 
The pistol currently has no reload function and no ammo clips. Ammo clip pickups will come. This will give more game design choices, in regards to ammo clip pickups and restricted ammo. We’ll also be adding a decal system, securing visual feedback (potato aim).

What Weapon Would You Like Next?

We already have a lot of community requests when it comes to weapons. Melee and ranged. A future voting setup will be available, giving everyone an opportunity to decide what is next to come. Join us on Discord and let us know what shooting features and weapons you would like to see in CREY.

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