DeathRun Global Top 10 Leaderboard Pre Season 1

Deathrun is one of the most popular games in CREY. With over 200,000 plays it has unlocked some crazy leaderboard times from the fastest players!

Pre Season 1 Legends

Top 10 players on the leaderboard will be rewarded with CREY gold.

Current Top 10 Leaderboard

Pre Season 1 Top 10 Rewards

1st place: 1000 gold coins
2nd place: 800 gold coins
3rd place: 600 gold coins
4th-6th place: 400 gold coins
7th-10th: 200 gold coins

The top 10 before Season 1 starts will be found and locked October 5th at 3 p.m. CET

Global Leaderboard Will Be Wiped October 5th

As part of starting DeathRun Season 1 we will make sure to wipe the leaderboard, ensuring clean start for all Runners! Each DeathRun Season will have a $1000 prize pool. Top 3 on the leaderboard when the season ends, will receive the following:

1st place prize will receive $500 USD
2nd place prize will receive $300 USD
3rd place prize will receive $200 USD

Join The Players

Remember to join our Player & Game builder community on Discord. Ask questions, share your creations, post leaderboard screenshots and meet other builders and players. Welcome to CREY!


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