New Feature: Speed Boots & Deadly Water

Gather around the feature bonfire and feel the warmth of 2 new features. The Speed Boots pickup was a community request, spawned from the design thoughts around runners and jumpers. From our own roadmap, we present the Deadly Water, making it easy to enable a fully fatal water-collision. Let’s start off with the community request. Let’s have a look at the Speed Boots pickup.

Speed Boots pickup!

The Speed Boots pickup makes sure you can cross the water

The new speed boost pickup is enabling the player to, momentarily, get a speed boost. This nifty pickup is going to fit great into various genres, such as speed runners, jumpers, escape designs and much more. Even looking ahead, and into the future of multiplayer, it’s easy to imagine a 1v1, where the speed boost will decide the faith of the opponent. Jump into the Winged Boots settings and tweak them to your liking. You control how fast the boost should be and for how long it should last.

Deadly Water

The deadly water is a very straight forward new feature, meaning you simply toggle an ON/OFF function, to make sure that when the character gets in contact with water, it dies. This option can be found in the World Settings menu (hotkey F4)

Don’t get into the water!

Any feedback and requests are very welcome. Do join us on Discord and share your thoughts.

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