CREYJam: A nice day at the beach

Our first Builder Challenge in our new game jam format is here! (If you’re wondering what that format is, please see our blog post from yesterday.)

The premise is simple: Build a game that takes place on a beach.

It can be any type of game you want. Platformer, shooter, walking simulator, scavenger hunt… anything goes. As long as the environment it takes place in is a beach.

Why a beach? Well, it’s summer. The weather is warm (at least here on the northern hemisphere). And we can’t think of many games that take place on a beach, unless you count the many games depicting the Normandy landings, and they didn’t exactly seem dressed for a relaxing day in the sun.

How long do I have to make a game?

The jam runs for two weeks starting today. So that means it begins August 24 and ends on September 7.

We will then have a week of playing all submitted games and pick three “finalists.” Those finalists will have their games played by a judge’s panel who will rank their favorites in five categories: best visuals, best audio, best gameplay, best premise, and overall best game. The finalists and their rankings will be publicized in a blog post between September 8 and 14, just in time for the next jam to start.

Can I submit a game I’ve already made?

No. The only rule for this challenge is: Your game must be made in the two weeks of the game jam. You can’t start from a template, and you can’t use an old existing game you’ve already made. We have ways of checking. 😏

What’s the prize?

There’s no prize, other than having your game played and reviewed. This is a creative exercise. It’s for the love of building. And, of course, the constructive feedback from the judges, should your game make it into the pool of finalists.

Who are the judges?

The people on the judge’s panel will be announced in the coming days.

It will be a combination of people from CREY, people from the community, and hopefully one or two “guest judges” from outside the CREY bubble that will be playing and reviewing your games.

Terms of participation

As always, we are obligated to tell you that you must be 13 years or older to participate in the challenge, and you must have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions. In addition, if you are an employee at CREY (Discord mods and guides excluded), you can’t participate.

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