ChisleLP wins builder challenge!

Congratulations to ChisleLP on winning the Speedrun Builder Challenge.
With the game Speedrunner, your run in a 1st person view and need to time your jumps from platform to platform. The game offers different ways to approach the jumps, cutting off time as you progress and get to learn the game better, as you go along.

The beginning after dropping through first portal

ChisleLP takes away 1000 gold, which can be used to purchase asset packs.
The current 1st place is owned by maplestick. Good luck to anyone trying to beat that score.

Honorable Mentions

L’etape du tour(première descente)prototype-22-togo by cezaricius
Food Please by ThatOneBlocky
Temple Jump – v0.4 (no more shortcut) by AlunK
party speed run! by jordo97


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