Challenge Theme: Exploration

World Creativity Day is a yearly event, which aims to connect and celebrate creative people across countries. It’s about promoting fun, beautiful and different creative content, made by people, for people. At CREY Games we would like to offer everyone a chance to participate, in this yearly wholesome event.

The Builder Challenge

  • Challenge Ends: April 28th
  • Theme of the challenge: Exploration
    You simply build anything you feel like fits the theme. Completely up to you.
  • Rules: None 🙂
  • Build it any way you’d like. It can be a world, a game or a contraption. You choose.
  • Have fun
    If you like to be angry while building that is, of course, completely up to you.

How Do I Submit What I Build?

To participate simply save your game, world or contraption with the name Creativity Day. You have now automatically joined the challenge! The winner of the challenge will receive a secret CREY merch. bundle, send directly to their doorstep. Winners will be contacted by email. To get started, simply go to the CREY website and choose any template you’d like and start building.

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