Halloween Submitted Games

Halloween Builder Challenge has ended and now you have a chance to vote for your favorite game.


Huge thank you to everyone who participated in this spooky challenge! Below you can find a short recap with all submitted games. Make sure to check them out and have a play!

Five Nights At CREY by mr.cube

CREY’s First FPS by pooiloui2

Halloween Game by ttking

Apocalypse CREY by DW102

Down Below by Kolob

Stonks by Manticore

Vote for your favorite game until 10th of November 3pm CET. Feel free to ask your friends and family to vote for your game!

CREY Games

Vote for your favourite Arena Shooter Game

Arena Shooter Game Challenge has ended and now you have a chance to vote for your favorite game.


The Submitted Games

The 3 Dimensions by Nicolai9852

2 teams fight in the Jungle, Mines and Sea Bottom. Pay attention to the horn, it might be able to help you…

CyberPunk by ParodiManyak

Which Team Reach a 1K Point Win This Game if Time End And Don’t Reach a Goal : Which Team Score High More Than Other Team Win This Game ! Have a Capture Flag & Quick Weapon Shop ! Have a Fun !

Crey-Topia by Genblox704

Drive cars Play Soccer Hang Out make Friends Establish a crew own the streets of Crey topia..

Tower Battle by RADAL_DEV

TEAM WARFARE by pikus12345

CREY Call of Duty by Wolfman74501

CREY:GO Deathmatch by InsideDev

Crey:GO is an arena shooter game with dynamic item weight, weapon shop system and more Many mechanics are based off of CS:GO

Vote for your favourite game until 16th September 3pm CET. We will be streaming and playing all the submitted games.

CREY Games

Time To Vote

World Creativity Day challenge has ended. It is now up to you to give a LIKE to the game you think should win. Click here to get started with voting by giving a like. The LIKE button is next to each game. Voting will end Friday the 8th of May. Watch a recap of all submitted games and worlds below.

New Builder Challenge Coming Soon

Go to the CHALLENGE section to check out when the next Builder Challenge will begin.

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Vote For The Winner

The Builder Challenge (Remix the Game) is over and it’s time to find a winner! 5 game builders are competing for 2000 gold, which can be used to purchase new asset packs on the Marketplace.

How To Vote

You VOTE HERE. The winner will be the game with the most likes from the community. See image below of where to find the like button. Simply give likes to the games you want to win. Only one winner will be crowned. The voting ends February 21st. Follow the countdown for the vote deadline here.

The 5 Games

Try the games and cast your like to the games you think should be among the winning game.

This is the full list of all the 5 games submitted

Have An Idea For A Challenge?

If you have ideas for challenges let us know! Join the Discord community and share your challenge ideas. Good luck to everyone who submitted their game. And keep an eye out for the next challenge in the CHALLENGE section.

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