Release the Notes 1.25

-Fixed: In Multiplayer games Deadly Water (found in World Settings) now kills the player

-Fixed: Sounds Effect prop no longer causing client crash after playing sound in the settings window

-Fixed: Fox player character no longer ignoring camera follow setting (found inside camera gameplay prop settings window)

-Fixed: Pressing ESC in multiplayer now keeps the camera following the player

-Fixed: Removed small delay between removing an old prop and spawning a new one when using 2.0 spawners.

-Fixed: Player will no longer trigger sensor setups while teleporting

-Fixed: Teleporter 2.0 gameplay prop now teleports all players affected by one signal.

-Fixed: Sensor 2.0 gameplay prop no longer resets sensor area if scaled with scale tool (hotkey 4) after reset or playtest.

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.24

-New audio settings: we recently announced this to have you, the community, take part in what music is available in CREY. And now, you get to control the audio settings in both the editor and in the games you play. The audio settings available in the editor give you control of both the editor audio settings, but also the audio you experience when you play test your work in progress (as the player would experience the audio when playing the game, once published).

Control both the game and editor audio settings

In the Editor section you control how your editor work environment has sound.
In the Game section you decide how the audio is set when your game is being played (you can play test from the editor to test those settings).

When play testing your work in progress you can also adjust the audio

It is now possible to change the audio settings when playing games. No more ‘The sounds effects are too low/high’, my ears are bleeding’ or ‘alright, this is amazing, where do I turn up the music?’‘. You now control the volume and settings of the audio as a player. Furthermore, it’s been granted that you can pick and choose what audio you decide to adjust when doing so.

Playing games now comes with an adjustable sound settings section

-Fixed: Maxfogdistance now sets maxfogdistance instead of min
-Fixed: Long tooltip text now shown correctly
-Fixed: Camera gameplay prop settings only shows target distance when not static
-Fixed: Framerate is enabled for all users at 60 FPS
-Fixed: First Playable (tutorial) – no longer getting stuck when you switch between paint /prop mode
-Fixed: Don’t open website twice after Hello World/First Playable (tutorial)
-Fixed: Play again doesn’t reset the audio-settings
-Fixed: Audio being muted for everyone if you don’t change the settings
-Changed: Text update in Seeker gameplay prop: “Limit detection” instead of “Use detection
-Changed: Min. fog distance max is now set to 100
-Changed: Max water-height raised to 100


Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.23

-New World Settings UI: prettified the World Settings categories. Notice the quickbar images representing the various options.

World Settings UI got a minor makeover

-New Box library feature: Box categories. You can now choose a category for your box, when saving and adding it to the library. Categories can be added with your help. If you feel like a category is missing for boxes, let us know on our Discord. If you have created a box before this feature, you can quickly update it. Find it in your box library and update it with a fitting category (see below):

Opening the Box library now clearly shows the new categories. Let us know if you need more categories.

-Fixed: The nasty F1 crash
-Fixed: Missing vegetation
-Fixed: Big “A” mistake is fixed on the About Us page


Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.22

-New website feature: Search levels function added to website (top of the website)
-New shooting feature: Decal system – there are holes when shooting stuff 🙂
-New Text Overlay feature: “smart tags” in text: when using the <score>, <death>, <life>, <time> tags in the text, the actual number will be displayed during gameplay. The number is only updated when activated, meaning it will not update itself automatically, like the timer display functionality
-Fixed: Startpoint Gameplay prop with spawned weapon in hand from spawn is no longer outlined as a pickupable weapon while running
-Fixed: Undoing the last step after creating an object caused the object creation to be undone too
-Fixed: Water refraction is back
-Fixed: Updating boxes will now refresh the current box in the users library
-Fixed: Badges not displayed in builder and pause menus
-Fixed: Startpoint Gameplay prop in First Playable had tooltip stuck after placing it
-Fixed: Post-process color banding in dark areas
-Fixed: Only render all range/volume indicators when the prop is hovered/selected
-Fixed: Low-performance notification window not being clickable
-Fixed: Weapon model no longer lags behind the character
-Fixed: Force props being applied twice per frame in games (ZEN, Drifter, etc)
-Fixed: Terrain paint blending incorrectly
-Fixed: Prop settings sometimes causing random crash
-Fixed: New characters being underground for 1 frame when spawning
-Updated World Settings feature: Color grade LUT list now have their own names instead of LUT_1, LUT_2, …)
-Minor tweaks: Renamed recovery to backup (in both web+client)
-Tweaked: Increased FOCUS_MAX_DIST from 150m to 500m, so you can orbit objects that are not that close to the camera
-Tweaked: New Text Overlay Gameplay prop text positioning: texts can be positioned anywhere on the screen using the percentage sliders

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.21

-Added option to turn off death effect visuals for destructible objects. Found in the object settings –> Spawn effect on death
-Added color grade LUT to the World Settings Option. These can be found in the postProcess TAB → Color Grade.

-Tweak: Scatter adjustments: the vegetation is more “lush” when painting
-Fixed: Cannot spawn scaled props with Spawner Prop
-Fixed: Minor pause menu fixes
-Fixed: No damage dealt to destructible props that were glued to a Seeker
-Fixed: Cursor getting stuck in resize icon
-Fixed: Panning should now always go in the same direction regardless of view direction
-Fixed: Fullscreen window resolution should always be native resolution
-Performance optimizations
-Low end GPU shader optimizations

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.20

-New feature: Spawner gameplay prop
-New feature: Follow
-New Skybox added to the world settings: Arctic Mountain Range

Arctic Mountain Range Skybox

-Added keyboard camera controls in the First Playable tutorial editor
-Fixed: Missing effects when dealing damage and destroying items
-Fixed: Library crash fixes
-Fixed: Quickbar UI inconsistency when clicking a sample prop
-Fixed: Box freeze issue related to ownership of box when placed
-Fixed: Seeker gameplay was misbehaving and is now back to normal
-Fixed: Character sticking beyond edge when standing on various objects

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.19

-New Seeker gameplay prop feature: Collision Avoidance
-New Skybox added to the world settings: Cloudy With Haze

Cloudy With Haze Skybox

-Added victory screen commenting and likes (shown after completing a game)
-Added: Windowed mode available (hotkey F8)
-Added: New download page on the website
-Fixed: Cursor no longer shown in stamp-mode when in Hello World & First Playable
-Fixed: Sensor gameplay prop’s Shape_Cylinder trigger box position and rotation handling
-Fixed: Camera always collides with terrain
-Fixed: Ghostplay checkbox misbehaved
-Fixed: Quickbar Q/E arrows are now clickable
-Fixed: Mouse cursor displacement when placing props
-Fixed: Clicking on the YouTube logo in the infopanel caused client crash
-Removed Map and Controls categories from pause menu
-Removed background video on the website after login
-Tweaks: Topbar minor tweaks

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.18

-New feature: Omni Light gameplay prop
-Added Lock/Unlock to the build editor.
Locking: Select one or more props and click on the Lock button in the topbar (or press hotkey L). Locked props can not be moved, deleted, rotated or scaled. No more happy accidents with affecting non-desired objects (yay!)
Unlocking: To unlock all locked props, click on the Lock button (or hotkey L) while nothing is selected

The 4 primitives selected will be locked and untouchable until unlocked again

-Added camera default view to the build editor.
New topbar button: reset camera (or press hotkey M). This will reset the camera view to default angle and orientation. You can define a new default view by pressing Ctrl + M at the coordinates you desire in the editor. This will save those coordinates as default view for current session.
-Added multi-select to the build editor.
You can select multiple props and change shared values all at once(!)
An exclamation mark on the left will left you know that the setting will affect multiple objects selected.

-Added new category to the sound library: Rock
Small, medium, large rock sound.
Motion and impact sound for each size.
-Added new features to the Text Overlay gameplay prop.
Font size
Placement settings (choose top, middle, bottom placement of text)

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.17

-New feature: Physics System
-Fixed: crash related to mass-clicking object targeting a closed box
-New background video on the website
-New frontpage
-Ghost replay can now be disabled from the pause menu of each game
-”Show more’ button added to longer game descriptions on the website
-UI: Topbar Hider icon updated
-Fixed: Gluing multiple objects forming a circle would result in a crash (one of the common crashes when gluing stuff like crazy!)
-Fixed: Character doesn’t get stuck while standing on a lift going up
-Fixed: Gameplay props should show the white stripe only when powered, not when emitting

Release the Notes

Release Notes 1.16

-New feature: Ghost Replay
You can toggle the feature on/off in the World Settings in the build editor. It’s character exclusive only.
Props set as ‘characters’ will not work with this function. If you have built your own custom character like done in this video, ghost replay will not show that character
Ghost Replay lets you play against others on the leaderboard + your own ghost
-Leaderboard and Badges are now shown in the game details section on the website
-“Saving is in progress” popup when trying to exit before saving is complete (playtest is also disabled during the save process)
-Fixed: Lift, Joint Rotator and Animator gameplay props now properly resets.
-Fixed: exiting after playtest exits without asking to save
-Minor tweaks: Rewording and tooltip corrections.