Now Announcing: Marko and Izzy

As we continue to roll out our new avatar style, we’re please to bring you both magnificent Marko and incredible Izzy. While not jamming out to beats on her earpods, Izzy can be seen stylishly setting traps in Deathrun and hopping around the Mega Obby.

Marko is a welcome addition to the CREY family, who when not practicing on his skateboard for the x-games, can be found climbing structures in Lava Legends and escaping zombies in Infected.

We hope you enjoy and would love to hear your feedback on our discord!

Event System – Mobile

In CREY every week comes with new exciting news! This week we are happy to announce the launch of the event system on mobile! We will be running multiple events on our freshly soft-launched CREY app where you will have a chance to participate, complete tasks, and level up to unlock new avatars!

At the moment event system and new avatars are only available on mobile, but we will shortly be implementing this on the PC as well, so stay tuned and keep an eye on our announcements.

Currently, CREY mobile app is available in early access only in 5 countries: Malaysia, the Philippines, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary. If you are based outside of these locations, fill this form and we will send you an invite to download the app. Keep in mind that the amount of invites we can send out is limited, so hurry up! Read more about Mobile Early Access here.

CREY mobile early access & New Avatars

We have BIG news! CREY is soft-launching a mobile app on Android in Malaysia, Philippines, Denmark, Poland, and Hungary!

We are really excited to announce these news and we hope to see you in the app playing around to help us to improve the user experience! While we won’t have the full game library, we will have some cool new features and some new avatars coming as a part of this (see more below).

The event system is available only on mobile for now, but we will be bringing these features to the PC shortly!

Are you based outside of these locations?

It is not a problem! Send us your Google email and we will send you an invite, which will allow you to download the CREY app.

Fill this form to sign up!

*There is a limited amount of invites that we can send out, so be quick and don’t miss your chance to be one of the first who will be able to play CREY on mobile!
** It may take us up to 48 hours to send you your invite

What if you don’t have an Android phone?

It is also not a problem! You can play on an emulator!

Instructions on how to get started:

  1. Download emulator from here
  2. Send us your Google email by filling this form
  3. Wait for an invite to be sent to your Google email
  4. Use the link in the email to navigate to the CREY app
  5. Download the app
  6. Play!

If you have any questions regarding the mobile early access, how to set it up, or if you need extra help, feel free to reach out on our Discord or at

Speaking of new avatars…

We’re announcing our new avatar style!  We know you’ve been waiting and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.  Now introducing Mike and Ohana (now free on My CREY) with more avatars to come!  We’re working on a whole lot of new avatar customization features but in the meantime start getting acquainted with these two avatars- we’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.  Hope you enjoy!

New Terrain Templates and Color Tinting Tools

The new terrain templates and color tinting tools have arrived! We have heard you are, therefore, we are introducing new tools on our CREY build editor to take your game building journey and experience to a whole new level. These updates will not only let your games to perform better and load faster, but also allow you to design games easier and quicker.

What has changed?

We have prepared 3 environmental templates to help you design and build your games: Winter, Mountain Lake, and Desert. Alongside with these templates, we are also introducing tinting tools for our new nature and terrain asset packs to help you to pick your desired color for the template and adjust it according to your wishes. Moving forward, most if not all new assets introduced to the editor will come with color tinting capabilities.

How it will affect your game building?

These new updates will only improve your game building experience and will make it easier to make custom designed games for specific environments. With our color tinting tools there are literally no limits – choose the color you like the most and adjust it to your environment or specific element.

How to use them?

Go to our build editor, pick a template of your choice, adjust colors by using tinting tools and start building! It is that easy! Below you can find a quick video with more information on how to use our new templates as well as the tinting tools.

Start building your own games today! Join our Discord Builder server, share your games and chat with the CREY game building community!

CREY Games

Introducing: Progression System

It is time to be rewarded for all your amazing activity in CREY! Are you a player? A builder? Maybe both? Doesn’t matter. Achieving amazing things will now be possible. Choose a unique path. Discover experience and rewards in a new progression adventure.

Your profile will now display progression and experience level

As the image shows you will be able to follow your experience and progression on your own profile. Obviously you need to have an understanding of how and what when it comes to progression and unlocking awesome stuff. Let’s dive into that.

Achievement Will Unlock Special Characters

When you start leveling up, character unlocks will arrive in your inventory! These unique avatars can only be unlocked through progression. Who will be the world first to reach level 30?

As more achievements will be tied to the progression system we aim to continuously add them as we venture further down the Early Access road. Examples below might change name and description during time as well. With each achievement you will be rewarded with according XP. XP rewards might be subject to change along the way.

Suggestions for Achievements?

The community is what drives CREY. And as such, we want to know what fun, hard or odd achievement you think CREY should introduce. Send your suggestion for an achievement in Discord and let us know what Name and Description it should hold!

3D Wires For Builders

The Build Editor just got a great update!

Introducing 3D wires! When building games you now have 3D wiring setups to help you keep track and overview of what you are connecting. The game logic is going to be much easier to set up and tweak from now on. The wires are visible at all times when opening the settings window, as well as when having a gameplay prop selected. See video example below.

When you click the port, a wire gets attached to your mouse and name of the port is displayed. If you open up a prop settings window, you can see the wires going into 3D space, into the other 3D props. Double-click on the wire to open the other prop setting window. You can even hover over each individual wire and delete it. Quick and simple.

Any build editor improvements you want us to bring?

All your suggestions, ideas and feedback are kept safe by the dev. team! To make it on the list of requests or feedback, simply join our Discord and share your thought and ideas in the feedback channel! Thank you for shaping CREY.

Randomizer Gameplay Prop

A new and really fun gameplay prop has arrived: The Randomizer! It’s time to roll out the luck of the Irish. With the randomizer you can choose a ton of different outcomes. All controlled by the randomizer. Cross your fingers, this will be part of a ton a game designs.

The Randomizer Settings

Example of Setup

Below showing a setup where the Randomizer is connected to 5 different Spawner gameplay props. Each Spawner with its own object. Each time the player steps on the green randomize plate, one of the 5 spawners will be, at random, chosen to spawn its selected objects.

You can add as many connections as you’d like. Spawn boxes, objects, activation of mechanics, traps and well, you name it. All up to you, to fit your game design.

Every time the player steps on the green plate a random object will spawn

CREY Games