Shop ’till you drop with the Shops Pack!

Attention, shoppers!

We’ve added the Shops Pack to the CREY Games Editor, bringing you the single largest content update in, well… A while! In fact, with this update to the editor, you’ll have over 1900 new assets in the Modern category to make your games even more awesome with!

You’ll be able to make the shop – or even mall – of your dreams! You’ll be able to make arcades, gyms, cafes and more! You’ll also be able to make your own signs with the new letter props! The pack also comes with new options for sidewalks, roads and parking spaces, in addition to various types of outdoor furniture and decorations!

The assets are all live now in the Editor Library, so go check them out – and let us know which of the new props are your favorites!

Suit up and go crawling with the Dungeon Pack!

Dungeon Pack

What does a giant skeleton, a bunch of rocks, and an Iron Maiden have in common?

They’re all in our new Dungeon Pack that’s been released today!

Now you have everything you need to create a dungeon crawling experience and get your medieval on. Create sprawling caves, ancient ruins, foreboding temples, or a blood-chilling torture dungeon. (We don’t judge.)

It’s all in the Library now, so get busy and get building! Search the Library for “fantasy” to see all the new, cool stuff.

Build your own testing grounds with the Prototype Pack

Prototype Pack

Ever see those wonderfully life-affirming videos of cars ramming into concrete blocks at full speed with mannequins strapped into the seats?

Or have you ever just wanted to build the skate park of your dreams? (Dude, we haven’t got a skate game in CREY yet — you should totally get on that!)

Maybe you just want to build a colorful environment out of blocks that are a little more flexible than your basic primitives. Perhaps something that might slightly resemble something out of a certain mushroom-addicted plumber’s dreams (or nightmares)…

Well, feast your eyes on our new Prototype Pack! It’s called “prototype” because it looks like someone’s testing ground. Beautifully clean walls, shapes, doorways, ramps, slides, that you can combine into the flat-tinted landscape of your dreams.

And, best of all, it’s tintable!

So get building! You can find the new pack in our Editor Library as of today.