Win a Thumbnail For Your Game

“Your thumbnail is a players first introduction to the world you’ve created. It’s one of the best ways for you to attract and bring players into your game!” – Seán, Game Artist at CREY Games.

Therefore, every month we are offering all game builders a possibility to win a custom designed thumbnail for your game made by our game artist Seán.

How To Enter?

To enter the draw simply do the following:

  1. Share your game link on your social media and use the hashtag #creythumbnail.
  2. Tag us in the post.


Winner will be randomly selected at the beginning of each month.
Multiple entries allowed.

We look forward to going through the submitted entries. Good luck to everyone participating!

DeathRun Global Top 10 Leaderboard Pre Season 1

Deathrun is one of the most popular games in CREY. With over 200,000 plays it has unlocked some crazy leaderboard times from the fastest players!

Pre Season 1 Legends

Top 10 players on the leaderboard will be rewarded with CREY gold.

Current Top 10 Leaderboard

Pre Season 1 Top 10 Rewards

1st place: 1000 gold coins
2nd place: 800 gold coins
3rd place: 600 gold coins
4th-6th place: 400 gold coins
7th-10th: 200 gold coins

The top 10 before Season 1 starts will be found and locked October 5th at 3 p.m. CET

Global Leaderboard Will Be Wiped October 5th

As part of starting DeathRun Season 1 we will make sure to wipe the leaderboard, ensuring clean start for all Runners! Each DeathRun Season will have a $1000 prize pool. Top 3 on the leaderboard when the season ends, will receive the following:

1st place prize will receive $500 USD
2nd place prize will receive $300 USD
3rd place prize will receive $200 USD

Join The Players

Remember to join our Player & Game builder community on Discord. Ask questions, share your creations, post leaderboard screenshots and meet other builders and players. Welcome to CREY!