Building Your own Character

Playing as a character you created yourself is often a lot more fun than playing with one chosen for you. But where to begin? Do you glue objects to an existing character? Do you start from nothing and go from there? Approaches to this subject will vary. Below, we’ll look at some examples and setups, to help demystify the road to building your own character in CREY.

Buckethead Knight

Community creator Cezaricius recently shared a video of Buckethead Knight. A new character he wanted to build. You will be amazed with how simple a material list he used, in order to create it. When someone presents something they build, some of the first questions remain the same: “How did you build it?”. Well, let’s begin with showing the Buckethead Knight.

Showcase from Cezaricius’ YouTube channel

The box above the Bucket Head knights head, shown in the video above, indicates that this is boxed. This means that the Buckethead Knight is public and can be found and used by everyone. Simply open the box library in the build editor, go to the Characters category and find it there. You can also use the search function placed at the very top of the library. Type the name of the box you wish to find.

So, how was it built?

List of building objects used:

Box, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid
• 1x Wall Banner 01 from the Synty Camp Pack
Gameplay Props:
Omnilight, Joint Rotator, Lift, Hider, Generator
(You can find more info about each Gameplay Prop on the CREY Wiki page)

As much as having the content list helps, it is a lot easier to see how the objects are used. Below is a video, where the knight is being deconstructed, piece by piece, using the hide function. This should help give some insight as to how the objects were used to create it. As the video shows; there is a short name for each selected object being hidden, making it easier to see how it was built (now for someone doing a reverse .gif). Below is a gallery showing the gameplay props with and without wires connected.

Hiding the knight piece by piece

How to Build Your Own Character – Video Tutorial

Finally, here’s a 6 minute video, showing how to build your own character. The approach here also covers the setup for making it move. Any questions can always be directed to the wonderful Discord community.

Have fun creating and remember to share what you make. Videos or screenshots. There’s a chance it will be shown in the Discord Community posts.

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