Builder Challenge: Build a Play Challenge (FINISHED)


Join us on Twitch June 13 as we announce the $300 build challenge winner and start new challenges.

The Build Challenge Games Submits

Flappy Thunderbirds by jordo
The long walk to summer (2019) by Cand94
Lil’ Thief 2 by cezaricius
Shogun by jeffdiamond
Arena: Snow Massacre by torrent_loader
Survival Ball by kingshibu

What Is a Play Challenge Game?

A play challenge game has the purpose of being used in a 2-week challenge, where the main goal is to be at the top of the leaderboard! More about it further down…

What Can I Win?

The winner will receive $300 + an exclusive prop!
For each RT on Twitter, we will add $1 to the prize pool, maxing the total prize pool out at $500! The winner will take away the total prize pool. The winning game will be featured as a community Play Challenge, which will run for 2 weeks.

Any Rules?

No rules! Feel free to use the template you like, start with an empty canvas, make the genre and winning conditions you like.

One Essential Thing When Building a Play Challenge

Make sure the leaderboard you choose works well with your game. The 4 leaderboard types you can choose for your game are: Highest Score, Lowest Score, Longest Time, Fastest Time. If you make a high-score based game, make sure it is not possible to get all the pickups in the game. Why? Because the leaderboard will be flooded with shared 1st place players and thus no winner will stand out. The leaderboard options can be found in the settings menu in build editor.

How Do I Submit My Game?

In order to participate you have to share the link for your game in the Discord channel called #challenge-submit

What Will a Play Challenge Be Used For?

A CREY Play Challenge runs for 2 weeks, where top 3 players on the leaderboard will win prizes. The game is featured on the CREY frontpage and will be featured on our social media. If you have not participated in a CREY play challenge before, here are 2 highlight videos, showing how we built them on the livestream. One showing a speedrun play challenge and the other a high-score play challenge. They are similar in the sense that you have to be fast! But a play challenge can have many themes and challenges.

Play Challenge Highlight – Speedrun

Play Challenge Highlight – High-score

Am I Allowed To Iterate On My Game After Submitting?

Yes! If you know your game is still a big work in progress, please use the #game-feedback channel in Discord when sharing the first time. But until the builder challenge ends, feel free to tweak and change your game.

How Is The Winner Found?

When the builder challenge has ended, CREY will play and record the games submitted. The winner will be announced live on stream June 6 at 4 p.m. CET.
Give us a follow on Twitch to be notified.

But What Makes a Good Play Challenge Great?

Good question! A great play challenge doesn’t bore you. Nor is it too hard and nearly impossible to complete. It contains replayability value; you feel like playing again because it is fun or challenging, balanced just right. You might be able to take a quicker path, kill a minion in a different way, solve a puzzle in more than one way to unlock something new. If you are in doubt about the state of your game, share it in the #game-feedback channel or ask a friend to try your game. Ask if they had fun, if they were challenged, if they felt like they were in control of the outcome (too much random outcome might not feel rewarding if it is an actual challenge). Remember to ask if they have any feedback for your design or difficulty. But be prepared for people to be honest about how they experience your game. It’s not easy to make a play challenge. Some study and work many years to get better. Use the community in CREY to gather thoughts and ideas that might help your design.
Here’s a great video by Brackeys talking about game design

Required to Participate in The Builder Challenge

  • To participate you have to sign up. It’s easy, free and wholesome.
  • You must be at least 13 years old to participate.
  • You must have a PayPal account to receive money if you win
    if you are under 18 you must get a parent/legal guardian to set up/use a PayPal account, in order to receive the prize money
  • You have to be on the Discord server to submit your game.
  • Winners will be contacted by email used for sign up.

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