Build a Mini Game

The Winner Receives 10000 Gold

Some assets can only be purchased for gold. This challenge will reward the winner with 10000 CREY gold, which can be used to purchase assets on the Marketplace. If you have any suggestions or ideas for assets, do let us know in Discord, as we would like to cover as many options as possible. The winner will also be rewarded with an exclusive Golden Bat weapon.

How To Create A Mini Game?

A mini game is a short video game, often restricted by time, size or complexity. It contains various gameplay elements, which often is somewhat simplistic, making the game easy to approach for players. Although, it might be hard to master. That is entirely up to the creator; you. To make it all a bit easier to grasp, here are four examples of mini games, built in CREY. Each has it’s own simplistic approach. Whether it’s about simply clicking the mouse button as fast as possible or steering clear of obstacles. They all share the same fundamentals: a simplistic design.

Mini game example 1: Simply

A slider game where you have to avoid obstacles by going left/right. A fixed speed using the directional mover, a few input triggers for left/right and a bunch of primitives for the design, and this game is good to go. The title says it all.

Mini game example 2: The Click

One of the most played games at Gamescom 2019, The Click speaks to something deep within our very souls. Something we’ve all wanted to know since the dawn of civilization: how click can you click?

Mini game example 3: Stepstone

The mission of the game is simple: how long can you stay on the platform? Take sharp turns and optimize where you run and jump to survive for as long as possible. Using sensors and lifts, there is a setup which registers when you run onto a tile, causing it to fall down.

Mini game example 4: Tic-Tac-Toe Hotseat V2

A timeless classic about getting 3 in a row before your opponent.

How To Submit Your Mini Game

In order to participate you have to be part of the CREY community-driven Discord. When you have released your mini game, make sure to share it. To submit your game, simply grab your game link and share it in the Minigame Challenge channel on Discord. Remember that it is perfectly okay to continue working on your game, until the challenge countdown clock hits zero. Sometimes a little feedback can be helpful.

I Submitted My Mini Game But I Want To Change Something

When you release anything in CREY it can still be updated (edited in the build editor). After you change something in your game and you want your tweaks and changes to take effect, you have to re-release your game. You do this by going to the desired game you want to update and you unrelease and release your game again. It’s that simple. This will not affect the comments or play count for your game. It is safe to do so. The link to your game remains the same as well, so no need to share a new game link.

Do I Have To Use A Specific Template When Building?

No. You can choose to work with any template you wish. Start from nothing with a clean slate or choose a template with a pre-made setup, if it helps you get going. It is entirely up to you how you want to approach the beginning of your mini game. Feel free to use boxes from the library if it fits your mini game. Good luck to everyone participating. And if you need to check how much time you have left, you can always visit the challenge section. Winner will be announced after the challenge ends.

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