Builder Challenge: Build a Speedrun Game!

The winner will take away 1000 gold!

Some assets can only be purchased for gold. This challenge will reward the winner with 1000 gold, to use for purchase of assets to build with. Make sure you share the link to your game in the Discord Speedrun Channel

It’s time to rewind the clock and try out the infamous speedrun builder challenge. Remember to set the leaderboard to fastest time to have the right speedrun setup.

Make sure to check the Score type is set to fastest time

How to build a speedrun game?

There are many different speedrunners out there. It is up to you how to shape the design of your game. Mechanics and level design can change immensely from game to game. Whether you only use primitives or aim for a very different design is completely up to you. Here’s a Twitch Highlight video from when Scuden & Lariz built a speedrun challenge.

Join the builder and player community on Discord. Ask questions, share your creations and meet other builders and players. To end this announcement with, here are a few examples of other speedrun games built in CREY:
Lava Jumper
Not Your Average Run; #2

Good luck & have fun!

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