Build-a-Shop Jam

An earlier version of this blog post promised a tutor session with the devs, which Mikkel was silly and promised before he knew for sure whether the devs had time for that. Instead, the winner will be able to choose either additional merch OR a mediocre MS Paint drawing of their winning in-game shop done by Mikkel.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

It’s been roughly two months since we added the Shops Pack to the editor, and roughly one month since we added the Creator Program to CREY Games. In honor of that, the builder challenge for April is the Build a Shop challenge!

In this challenge, you must build a purely visual shop – no actual shop functionality is needed, just the visuals.

Our game dev and community judges (Joakim, William & Mikkel) have been practicing their shopping in preparation for judging your in-game shops!


The “Build a Shop” Jam starts on April 17 and ends on April 26.

Once the deadline has been reached, our judges will deliberate and then reveal the winner before the end of the month!

Here are the rules to participating in the “Build a Shop”‘ Jam:

  • Create a new game that consists only of an in-game shop (and a character so we can walk around the shop)
  • Publish your game and add ”Build a Shop 23” in the description of the game
  • Post your published game in #BuildAShopJam channel on our CREY Games Discord 

The winning entry in this game jam will win a custom made thumbnail for one of your games AND get your in-game shop added to the editor library as a Plug and Play asset! This means that your winning entry will be available for use by all CREY Games’ builders, with your name credited in the description of the item, of course!

The winner will be contacted via the email associated with their CREY account (we’ll try to get a hold of you by other means if we don’t hear back from you via email, but please make sure your email is valid – that makes the whole process a lot easier).

Eligibility for participating in the CREY Build-a-Shop Jam:

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