Spring”Sports”Jam: Get Sportsy!

It’s finally (kinda-sorta) spring, and what better way to celebrate that, than to have a game jam based on sports? It’s time to for the…

Spring “Sports” Jam!

Our game dev and community judges (Joakim, William & Mikkel) are pumped to apply the science of their individual fields to judging your games!


The “Sports” Jam starts on the 20th of March and ends on the 29th of March. We will arrange a Q&A session with the game devs William / Joakim on March 22 between 13-17 CET (Copenhagen Time) to give you some early feedback or tips to use in your “Sports” Jam submissions. Come prepared with your ideas and questions!

Once the deadline has been reached, our judges will deliberate and then reveal the winner before the end of the month!

Here are the rules to participating in the Spring ”Sports” Jam:

  • Create an original game that is in some way based on sports (Anything can be turned into a sport right?)
  • Publish your game and add ”Spring Sports Jam 23” in the description of the game
  • Post your published game in #SpringSportsJam channel on our CREY Games Discord

You can win a tutor session with the devs, a custom made thumbnail for one of your games as well as CREY Games branded merch of your choice. The winner will be contacted via the email associated with their CREY Games account (we’ll try to get a hold of you by other means if we don’t hear back from you via email, but please make sure your email is valid – that makes the whole process a lot easier).

Eligibility for participating in the CREY Games Spring ”Sports” Jam:

Shop ’till you drop with the Shops Pack!

Attention, shoppers!

We’ve added the Shops Pack to the CREY Games Editor, bringing you the single largest content update in, well… A while! In fact, with this update to the editor, you’ll have over 1900 new assets in the Modern category to make your games even more awesome with!

You’ll be able to make the shop – or even mall – of your dreams! You’ll be able to make arcades, gyms, cafes and more! You’ll also be able to make your own signs with the new letter props! The pack also comes with new options for sidewalks, roads and parking spaces, in addition to various types of outdoor furniture and decorations!

The assets are all live now in the Editor Library, so go check them out – and let us know which of the new props are your favorites!

How to set up monetization inside a game to earn Sparks!

Setting up Monetization features inside a game has never been easier. Let’s dive in on the how to’s.

Setting up a shop

There are two types of shops in the CREY editor and both can be found in the library:

The shop
The shop can be used to sell temporary items (boosters, extra lives etc.) and permanent items (skins, weapons, decorations etc.).

In this update, we have added three community requested features to the shop:

  • Discounts on items
  • Categories for items
  • The “on selected” feature which enables shop visitors to see the items that they are buying on their character before actually making the purchase (neat!).

In this shop, builders can sell items for in-game currencies but not directly for Sparks. To sell in-game currencies for Sparks, the creator must use the Sparks Exchange Shop.

The Sparks Exchange Shop

The Sparks Exchange Shop is a brand new feature. It is where builders can sell in game currencies (gold, silver, diamonds etc.) in exchange for Sparks which are contained in the player’s wallets.

It is the only place where builders can sell something for Sparks: currencies sold in the Sparks Exchange Shop go to the players and the Sparks spent go the builders.

The Sparks Exchange Shop is easy and intuitive to use. In order to have a working Sparks Exchange Shop inside a game, a builder must comply with the following rules:

  • The builder must be registered to the Creator Program
  • The level the builder is making is Multiplayer
    • In my creations, go to “Settings” → “Game settings” → “Enable multiplayer”
  • The level does not already contain a Sparks Exchange shop.

If those three conditions are filled, a builder can effectively use the Sparks Exchange Shop in the library and start selling in-game currencies in exchange for Sparks.


  • Open a new or existing game template for editing
  • In the editor, head to the Library by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard or clicking on “Library” in the bottom left corner
  • In the search bar, type “Sparks Exchange Shop”
  • Using your left mouse button, drag and drop the prop inside the game. At this stage, you will be asked to fill in the three conditions mentioned above.
  • Create a currency by going into the library again and typing “currency”. Drag and drop the currency prop and fill in the details about your currency (Name, default, min, max, current). Make sure you save the currency, to save a currency click the “Saved” radio button on the prop setting screen.

Please notice: not saving a currency will prevent your level from being published later on!

  • Open the Sparks Exchange Shop and add your currency which will become a sellable currency pack. Here you can select the cost in Sparks of the currency pack and the amount of currency you wish to sell in the pack. You can also select a custom image for your currency, we have added currency specific images in the image library (diamonds, gold, bolts, cash).
  • Create a way for users to access your new shop. You can do this by adding a sensor: Search for the “Sensor” prop in the Library and connect ite to the Sparks Exchange Shop. You can also use an input trigger.
  • Press 9 to view your shop in playtest mode. Please note that you cannot purchase currency with Sparks in playtest mode, the transaction can only happen once your game is published.
  • Publish your game (“Game page” → “Settings” → “Release game”) and start earning!

Rules about selling currencies

  • You cannot sell currencies for less than 5 sparks and for more than 10,000 Sparks. A creator can determine their own exchange rate between their in-game currency and Sparks.
  • Naming of currencies: Profanities and harmful language will not be tolerated
  • Sparks cannot drop in negative

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on our Discord Channel

Start earning money with CREY Games, join our Creator Program now!

Finance1.0 update: Monetization for builders

We are extremely excited and proud to unveil new features which will enable builders on CREY to monetize their creations.

As mentioned in our previous statement regarding Finance & Monetization, we believe that giving the option to builders to make real money out of their imagination is one of the key pillars to making game creation truly accessible. We want to help aspiring game developers pursue their dream of making a living off of their creations a reality, with the belief that with enough financial stability coming from their games, builders out there will be able to spend more time crafting games and creating ever more entertainment and fun for others.

Without further ado, let’s jump in to what’s new!

Earn Sparks

Builders can now earn Sparks. Sparks are CREY Games main platform currency and are brought by players in our store to be spent inside games made by builders. Sparks earned by builders are subject to fees and can be exchanged for real world money in the Creator Program after reaching a certain earnings threshold, more on fees and thresholds below. In order to earn Sparks, builders can set up shops in their games to entice players into buying things. Like all of our features, we strive to make them accessible and easy to use.

The Creator Program

The Creator Program is where builders can exchange their Sparks for real world money. It is also a space where builders can access all other information regarding their Sparks including their earnings history and their exchange request history. In order to be eligible to apply to the Creator program, users must comply with the following rules:

  • Users need to declare their country of residence and Zip code
  • Users must agree with the following Terms & Conditions:
    • I am of legal age (18+)
    • I must respect CREY’s EULA and Terms and Conditions.
    • I am responsible for the recognition of any taxes and obligations in my country of residence
    • This is a beta-version of the monetization program
    • I will need to accept a full set of terms and conditions later in order to continue participating in this program
    • I agree to provide my name, address, and banking information in order to receive a payout
    • I am liable for any illicit or illegal content
    • CREY has the right to accept or reject a potential payout according to applicable laws

If the above conditions are fulfilled, users who apply to the Creator Program are automatically and instantly accepted, greatly simplifying the process to monetize games.

For more detailed information about the Creator Program, please check out our FAQ.

To register to the program, please click here.

Monetary fees and thresholds

CREY Games strives to make game creation as accessible as possible through no-code, technological innovation and finance. In order to keep providing innovative tools and features to the builders out there, CREY Games needs to sustain itself financially, without compromising it’s core values. Therefore, to stay true to our mission we have decided to provide our builders with the best fees in the UGC gaming industry.

Pie charts representing the revenue split between creators and UGC gaming companies.
Source: Roblox, Core, Recroom

Any commissions incurred by CREY Games makes goes toward sustaining the company, covering our operations and reinvesting into building our service. Here’s a breakdown of the builder earnings:

In game transaction:

We will charge 20% of the value of Sparks that is earned by a builder for all in game transactions. This means that the builders get the remaining 80% of Sparks.


If a builder sells a bag of currency worth 10 sparks, CREY Games will take away 20% of that amount meaning the builder will receive 8 sparks in his account and 2 Sparks will go to CREY Games.

We also round up in favor of builders in case of decimals. For example, if a builder sells an item for 6 Sparks, they will earn 5 Sparks.

Exchange of Sparks

In the Creator program, successful builders can request an exchange of their Sparks for real world money. In order to be eligible for a cash out, builders must have at least 30,000 sparks in their account, or the equivalent of 300 USD. At cash out, builders are subject to a 30% fee from the requested amount.

To make cash out request, users can click on the “Cash out” button which will trigger a process where all of the Sparks in the account will be exchanged for real world money.

A pop up will appear where a user must indicate his or her PayPal account information (email) and the desired currency in which they wish to receive payment. CREY Games supports transfers via PayPal only at this stage, please contact us if you have any issues with PayPal.

Once the request is made, the Sparks in the user’s account will be placed on temporary hold and the user will receive an email confirmation with the details of the exchange request.

After a request as been made, it goes under review by our internal team. An audit is performed to make sure that the request was not made by a user who has breached community guidelines, committed fraud or has been involved in illegal activities such as money laundering. Please allow up to 7 days for this process to happen.

If the request is accepted, the user will receive a confirmation email and a transfer on their PayPal account.

In the unfortunate event where the request is denied, the user will receive an email with an explanation and their Sparks will be returned to their account.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us on our Discord Channel

Start earning money with CREY Games, join our Creator Program now!

New Animated NPCs are out!

The first month of the year is always a month of great news and great new features here in CREY. Today, we’re improving our platform by introducing new Animated NPCs – In this article we’ll explain how to implement them in your games.

(PS: If you are a newbie take a look at the end of this post to know a little more about NPCs´ world)

How to create an animated NPCs on CREY Platform

Here’s a quick guide on how to use Animated NPCs. You just need to follow this simple step: 

  • Open the library and search for “Character”. Find the Animated NPC you want to use in the game.
  • Place the character in the scene and double click them to open the settings window.
  • There’s 3 settings for the character’s animation;
  1. A dropdown list of all possible animations.
  2. Current Animation, an index value you can use to change the currently used animation. In game you could use this with a Variable-based setup. The value relates to the order of animations in the dropdown list, between 0 (Idle) and 10 (Run).
  3. Play Speed, which adjusts the speed of the current animation.

By default, animations will loop. So if you want an animation to play just once, or stop playing after a certain point, consider creating a system to change the Current Animation back to 0, which is the Idle pose.

The Animated NPC can be affected by all other Gameplay Props like a normal prop – You could set it up with a Directional Mover so you have your NPC walking around, spin around on the spot with a Rotator, and so on.

You can also check out this demonstration of what can be done with the NPC system to get some inspiration!

What are NPCs and why are they important?

NPCs, or non-player characters, are characters in a videogame that are controlled by the game’s AI rather than by the player. They can serve a variety of roles in a game, such as providing information, offering quests or missions, or serving as enemies to be defeated.

Their presence is important because they help to create a rich and immersive game world by providing characters for the player to interact with and helping to advance the game’s story and objectives. Additionally, NPCs can provide a sense of realism and depth to a game by creating the illusion of a living, breathing world with inhabitants who have their own motivations and agendas.

Start your year great with CREY’s giveaway!   

Here is your chance to boost your 2023!

We are giving away few prizes including CREY merch like hoodies, bucket hats, sparks and a Steam gift card.

Are you going to be one of our lucky winners?

All you have to do is:

  • Click on the link below
  • Complete at least 3 actions to unlock 5 bonus entries

Easy uh?

Few things to remember:

Finance 1.0 Sparks and In-game purchases

Dear Community,
My name is Hippolyte, I am the Economy designer at CREY Games.
Today marks a new chapter in our vision to democratize game creation by making it accessible, easy to use and fun. Until today, we have been focusing on two essential pillars: Game creation and providing a fun play experience. We would like to introduce a new pillar which we hope will support this vision: Finance.

Making amazing games can be hard and time consuming. While we are focusing daily to making our building tools better, more intuitive and easier to use, we also believe that the creators out there should be supported in their effort to bring amazing games to the world.
Finance englobes a variety of features which will go towards financially supporting builders in their game creation. We believe that with the proper support, the sky becomes the limit in terms of what creators will surprise us with, as they have done so already on many occasions.
Having said that, we plan on releasing finance features incrementally, taking your feedback along the way on our Discord channel. At the end of the day, we will always ensure that privacy, security, and protection of creativity remain as our highest priorities.

Finance 1.0 update

We are pleased to announce that we are unveiling some exciting new features that will help support the creators out there.
We are rolling out the first version of what in-game purchases will look like in CREY Games. This is big news as it means that soon, builders will be able to earn real money from making games on CREY Games!
The team has been actively listening to the community and working hard to deliver the best possible experience for creators and players alike. Here’s why we will be rolling out the full feature incrementally, taking your feedback every step of the way through the discord channel.

New features

New currency: We are proud to unveil our new platform wide currency: Sparks. Sparks are CREY Game’s virtual currency. They can be used to purchase a variety of items which can enhance your gaming experience and support game creators! In our next updates, Creators who earn Sparks in their games will be able to exchange them for real world money.

  • Sparks can be obtained by clicking on you account balance, found at the top right in playcrey.com
  • Using Sparks, you can purchase in-game currencies which will allow you to unlock two types of items: permanent items (Cosmetics, upgrades etc.) and repeatable items (Extra lives, boosts etc.)
  • For more detailed information about Sparks, please refer to our dedicated help page.
  • In game: We have added in game shops in the following fan favourite games: Time Travelling Zombies, Lava legends and Mega Obby. We have selected these games because they are loved by our community and believe it is the best way to put our new features to trial.


These new features represent the first part of what we plan on delivering and are being thoroughly tested inside the games mentioned above by players. Once we feel these are ready, we will release the full in-game features to all the creators out there who wish to start making a buck out of their imagination.
In the meantime, feel free to share any feedback on our Discord channel!

What’s coming

  • In game shops for builders to use inside all their creations, which will be fully linked to Sparks meaning that players will be able to spend Sparks in them if they wish to.
  • New customisation tools for builders to create meaningful and player friendly shopping experiences
  • The ability for builders to request an exchange of their earned Sparks for real world money. We will share more on that soon!

We are at an era where creators can now earn a living from making amazing things from their imagination, whether it’s games, music, art and more. It is our belief that such creators should be empowered to do so, and we intend to uphold the highest standards of fairness, respect, and user experience. Stay tuned for more and reach out on Discord!

FrightJam 2022: Scare the crap out of us!

FrightJam 2022

We’re doing a “fun” challenge for our builders this October. This is your chance to exact revenge on us in the worst way possible!

We have assembled a crack team of judges, and the challenge is to scare the pants off of them.

The three winning finalists will each be rewarded with a written review about how much your game scared them — not to mention $100 in prize money!

How to enter

Your goal is simple. You have two weeks to create a scary game. Read further down to see what exactly scares our judges — the more you play to their fears, the better chance you have of being a finalist!

The challenge starts Monday, Oct. 10, 2022 @ 12:00 pm CEST and ends Monday, Oct. 24, 2022 @ 12:00 pm CEST.

In that time, you must create an original game — in any style you want, no restrictions — as long as it’s scary as all hell.

Publish your game with the hashtag #FrightJam2022 in the game description! That’s it!

Who are the judges (and, more importantly, their fears)

The judges for this competition are:

  • Zoltan Dosa (CREY Workspace Admin)
    Greatest fear: “The feeling of something is close.
  • Jason Gill (CREY QC)
    Greatest fear: “Pursuit while under pressure.”
  • Kenneth Burns (CREY Business Development)
    Greatest fear: “Creepy jump scares.”
  • Karbonium (CREY Master Builder)
    Greatest fear: “Being chased by something lurking in the dark.”

Q&A (because there’s always a question)

Q: How does this challenge work?

A: Start building your game at the kick-off on Oct. 10, 2022. Please do not start building before that (we have ways of checking).

At the end of the jam (Oct. 24, 2022), our community manager (Frost) will play every single game submitted with the hashtag #FrightJam2022 in the description.

He will select three finalists from these submissions that will go on to the judge’s round.

The judges will then play all the three finalist games. They will write up a short review of each game.

They will also pick their favorite game based on these criteria:

  • Best visuals
  • Best audio
  • Best gameplay
  • Best story/premise
  • Best scare / frightening moment

These reviews and rankings will be published on our blog and linked on our social medias and Discord.

Q: How do you determine a “winner”?

A: The three finalists are all winners. They will all be rewarded with a written review and a $100 prize.

Q: How do I receive my prize money?

We will reach out to each of the three finalists using the email addresses they have connected to their CREY account. (If we can’t reach you with that email, we will try to reach out to you via other means, but please make sure your CREY account email is valid. That makes our lives a lot easier.)

When we reach out to you, please provide us with a valid PayPal account for us to transfer your winnings to.

Please note that your PayPal must be set up correctly. If your PayPal is not set up to receive money, or is invalid for other reasons, that’s out of our hands. If that’s the case, we will try to work out alternate solutions with you directly.

Q: Can I use a game I’ve already created?

A: No. Your game must be created in the time-frame of the game jam. You can use an existing CREY template to build your game if you wish, but you cannot recycle an old game you’ve already made.

Q: Do I have to cater to the fears of the judges?

A: Not necessarily. But you’ll stand a greater chance of being one of the three finalists if you do.

Q: What are the other requirements for entering the player challenges?

A: It’s (relatively) simple:

  • You must be 15 years or older to enter the competition. Them’s the laws.
  • We will request that you provide verification of identification because, well, them’s also the laws.
  • All territories embargoed by European Union are excluded from the prizes.
  • All tax is responsibility of the recipient. CREY does not take responsibility over prizes taxation.
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions before entering.

Introducing our new Player Challenge concept

New Player Challenges

You didn’t think we’d forgotten about you players, did you? Of course we didn’t!

We’ve been thinking long and hard about how to make our player challenges more sustainable and more in tune with how player challenges and speedruns work out there in the real world.

And we think we’ve come up with a fairly ingenious solution, if we do say ourselves! (Please let us know if we’re wrong.)

Introducing the “Player Pool”

Instead of doing a weekly game with a new challenge each week, we’ve decided to level the playing field.

We’ll have a group of games — collectively known as the “Player Pool” — and they are all challenge games.

You can play each of them for as long as you want. There is no time limit. All you have to do is beat the high score.

At the end of each month (on the last Monday of the month @ 3pm Danish time), we’ll look at each of the leaderboards of the Player Pool. If someone has taken the lead, then that person is rewarded with a prize of $100 USD (750 DKK).

If no one has gotten a new high score since last month, then… guess what? Everything stays the same.

What games are in the “Player Pool”?

We’ve divided the games into sub-categories. We will be adding more games in the coming weeks, but for now, these are the games we’ll be keeping an eye on:

Shooter games

Platformer games

Endurance games

Casual games

Q&A (because there’s always a question)

Q: What if I had a first place during the month, but someone else took the top place?

A: Doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is who is at the top at the end of the month. We only look at the leaderboards on the last Monday of every month. If the person at the top isn’t the same as last month, then the new person gets rewarded.

Q: How do I claim my prize?

A: We will check the leaderboard status of each of the games in the Player Pool on the last Monday of every month @ 3pm (Danish time). We will reach out to you via the email you provided when you signed up with CREY. Please make sure the email you use with CREY is valid and can receive emails! If that email is invalid, we will try reaching out to you in other ways (e.g. on our Discord).

Q: What are you doing to curtail cheaters?

A: It’s no secret we’ve had trouble with people getting frankly unrealistic high scores in the past. We’ve done our best to stress-test the Player Pool games to make sure cheating is not possible. However, as with any other game in existence, there is likely to be any number of glitches and exploits that speedrunners will find to improve their times and scores.

To be absolutely clear: Glitches and exploits are acceptable. For example, “wall climbing” in Super Mario Kart 64 is an exploit, and if you find a similar time-saving exploit in our games, that’s totally fair.

What’s not fair is hacking or using third-party tools to cheat. We expect players to at least put in some effort to achieve their times! If you suspect someone is using illicit tools to worm their way into the top spot, please DM a mod or @Frost on the CREY Discord.

Q: What if I find a really fun glitch/exploit? Should I keep it to myself?

You can, if you want to. But we do encourage you to share it with the community!

It’s not just about bug-fixing. It’s also to inspire a sense of achievement and camaraderie with your fellow players. I mean, you already got the high score and the reward! What’s the worst that can happen from sharing your secrets after that? 🙂

We promise you, if a glitch/exploit is particularly entertaining or hard-to-accomplish, skillwise, we will leave it in the game.

Q: What info do you need to send me my reward?

A: Rejoice! We are now able to transfer your winnings via PayPal. When we reach out to you, please provide us with a valid PayPal account for us to transfer your winnings to.

Please note that your PayPal must be set up correctly. If your PayPal is not set up to receive money, or is invalid for other reasons, that’s out of our hands. If that’s the case, we will try to work out alternate solutions with you directly.

Q: What are the other requirements for entering the player challenges?

A: It’s (relatively) simple:

  • You must be 15 years or older to enter the competition. Them’s the laws.
  • We will request that you provide verification of identification because, well, them’s also the laws.
  • All territories embargoed by European Union are excluded from the prizes.
  • All tax is responsibility of the recipient. CREY does not take responsibility over prizes taxation.
  • Please read our Terms & Conditions before entering.

Major update to Time Travelin’ Zombies!

Time Travelin' Zombies

We’ve just released a major update to our Time Travelin’ Zombies co-op multiplayer game!

  • New killstreak system giving you heavy weaponry for a short time.
  • New banging soundtrack playing when the killstreak is active.
  • Faster gameplay loop! The boss is now on the 4th round.
  • Never go back! After defeating the boss round you can buy weapons and cosmetics in the arena instead of going back.
  • Smaller arenas! The biggest arenas have been reduced to keep the fighting closer and faster.
Killstreak means more power and a sparkly gun!

Get in and start blastin’! And don’t forget to invite your friends. It’s a co-op shooter, after all! Splattin’ zombie hordes is much more fun with a buddy.