Attention Builders: Sensor 2.0 Update

With the development ongoing, to ensure great tools in the build editor, we are still trying to bridge the gap between the old 1.0 and new 2.0 system. This unfortunately means that we still have to tamper with things, which might affect live games. And we’re really sorry about that!

Changes to Sensor 2.0

We are removing the “Condition function” (>, =, <, >=  etc) on our 2.0 Sensor and replacing it with a “Number Required” and a “Number Detected”.

Number Required

The number of either Players, Targeted props etc. that is required for the sensor to send a Detected Signal

Number Detected

Always sends the number of either Players, Targeted props etc. that is within the Sensor area.

What Does This Mean For You?

Unfortunately this means that if you have Sensors in our level that are using any other condition than the default condition (>0 – greater than 0) you have to go and rewire those Sensors. On the plus side this will make the Sensor much more modular for other types of rigs and enable new and exciting possibilities! We love our community and we understand that sometimes we run into Early Access phases where we do our best to dodge affecting what you amazing people build. We do our best to keep you updated and informed when doing so. Thank you!

CREY Games

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