Are You A Streamer?

Are you a streamer? If so, you are in luck! We are currently looking to collaborate with streamers across various platforms. The newly introduced Early Access features helped make lots of things possible, and we’re growing rapidly. We are currently looking for both players and builders who enjoy CREY. Some are only interested in building. Others only playing the games.


  • Paid partnership
  • Custom assets provided by the dev. team
  • Promotional opportunities through official CREY channels
  • Be in contact with the dev. team
  • Chance to see new content before anyone else

Commitment for Applicants

  • You stream CREY >2 times weekly
  • Have >25 viewers during CREY streams
  • Stream ~1 hour each stream session
  • Be a positive role model in the community
  • Able to legally sign and abide by an NDA and able to abide by the terms of the partnership agreement
  • (bonus): Active on social media

Where do I Apply?

We are interested in collaborating with both players and game builders!

Game Builders

Do you love to build in CREY? Whether it’s about creating contraptions, shaping worlds or building, and releasing great games. We are looking for streamers who love to use the editor and share what is being built. Interested in collaborating with us?


Do you love to play games in CREY? Are you speedrunning DeathRun? Have you found yourself role-playing in Warships Royale or Tortuga? Or are you a casual player, who simply loves to interact with your viewers and play a bunch of different games on the platform? We are looking for players, who are enjoying the games and challenges. If your stream is about playing the games in CREY then make sure to apply!


Questions and how to get in touch

Who is Eligible for the Streamer Partnership?

The Streamer Partnership program is open to everyone, but CREY Games retains the right to reject anyone that shows behavior deemed to be inappropriate on stream or within the community, and CREY Games retains the right to reject anyone suspected of earning hours through fraudulent means. Streamers are responsible for tracking their own stats and as such, trust is essential between streamer and CREY. This program is subject to change.

How are Hours Streamed Tracked?

You can visit to track your hours watched of CREY Games content over time.

What are the Custom Assets?

The rewards are in-game items that are exclusive to streamers that we collaborate with through this partnership.

Can I Request Additional Rewards Outside of This Partnership?

If you have something special going on like a charity stream or milestone stream, we will definitely consider creating custom rewards and looking into setups to help you have fun and nurture your community.

Who can I Contact About Issues Involving this Program?

You can email

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