A Closer Look: Arena Shooter

Let’s break down a few of the setups in the Arena Shooter game template, to help everyone get started using it.

Overview of the Arena Shooter game template

This template helps all builders get started customizing and designing their own arena shooter game. As shown in the image above, there is a small section in the starting area, where all the Gameplay Props are set up.

Step Onto The Plate To Choose Your Weapon

In the template you can step onto 3 different plates to choose a weapon.

How It Works

The image above shows how to build a simple setup to have an area where a player can run into to get a specific weapon. The green settings window is the from the green sensor. And the black settings window is from the black Weapon Spawner gameplay prop. The sensor will detect who runs into the area and the weapon spawner gives a pre-selected weapon to the player when they run into the sensor’s area. All decided by you, the game builder.

Choose Weapon Settings

Image above shows the Weapon Manager settings window (black settings window). Here you can choose a series of settings to customize each weapon you want to have available in your game. Damage, reload time, fire rate and other things. The Variable Modifier (blue) settings window is where you can set value for kills, which is set to one (as expected). So kill one player and get one kill on the score. More info on the Variable Modifier here (scroll down in the post to find info).

Customize Settings For All Players In Your Game

How It Works

The Player Manager gameplay prop (seen above) is where you set all the values for the players in your game. If you want everyone to be able to run extremely fast, jump high (or not jump at all) and other things, this is where you decide it. This one is important to make sure your game design and the way the players interact is optimized.

Make Score/Point System & UI

The template contains custom UI tied to the kills and gold (coin) you pick up. Open the gold box to see how it was made.

Image above showing two 1.0 gameplay props used to simply play a sound and hide the coin when picked up. The Signal Converter gameplay prop (far right blue settings window) is used here because it bridges the old 1.0 gameplay props seen here and the new 2.0 gameplay props (also seen here). More info about the Signal Converter found in this post (scroll down a bit).

Setting The UI

Image above showing the Coin UI setup. It is a mirror setup for the kills, except changing text and currency settings. If you pick up the gold coin in the beginning you can see the counter go up one in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Play test (hotkey 9) the setup to see for yourself. The above image shows the Text Displayer used to write the text shown on screen. It shows the Currency gameplay prop, which decided what currency you want to use for the setup. And finally the Number Displayer, making sure it goes up when you get kills or pick up additional coins.

Making A Health Pickup System

Inside the first aid kit box you will see a simple setup you can tweak.

You can tweak the amount of health (heal) the pickup should give to a player who picks it up. You can also set the radius to decide how close the player has to be to get the heal and the speed, by which it is picked up.

The 1.0 Generator (old gameplay prop) shown above decides how often the first aid kit is visible. It is sending power to the Spawner gameplay prop that spawns the first aid kit. The Generator is set to do that every 25 seconds in this image. And the Spawner is targeting the first aid kit meaning that is what it will spawn. Tweak it to your liking.

Tips On Polishing The Surroundings

The World Settings Menu (hotkey F4) contains a bunch of settings to set up your game environment and polish it the way you like it. Quick tip on how to use two of the many options here.


You can go through the Environment menu in the World Settings menu and choose a skybox to your liking from a dropdown menu.

The above showing how changing the skybox affects the game world you are designing. More skyboxes will arrive in the future(!)


Again, using the World Settings you can play around with the fog settings, which can bring a really cool look to your game as well. And remember to try out all settings as playing a game that feels immersive and looks great is part of any experience when gaming.

The fog settings allow you to set distance, intensity, color and much more. Tweak it to fit your Arena Shoot Game.

Video Tutorials For Gameplay Props

Finally, feel free to visit the Builder Tools tutorials found in the CREATE section on the website. All made by Jimmy Jules.

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