3D Wires For Builders

The Build Editor just got a great update!

Introducing 3D wires! When building games you now have 3D wiring setups to help you keep track and overview of what you are connecting. The game logic is going to be much easier to set up and tweak from now on. The wires are visible at all times when opening the settings window, as well as when having a gameplay prop selected. See video example below.

When you click the port, a wire gets attached to your mouse and name of the port is displayed. If you open up a prop settings window, you can see the wires going into 3D space, into the other 3D props. Double-click on the wire to open the other prop setting window. You can even hover over each individual wire and delete it. Quick and simple.

Any build editor improvements you want us to bring?

All your suggestions, ideas and feedback are kept safe by the dev. team! To make it on the list of requests or feedback, simply join our Discord and share your thought and ideas in the feedback channel! Thank you for shaping CREY.

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