2 New Weapon Gameplay Props

2 new gameplay props have been released. This will make customizing of weapon setups in CREY much easier and a lot more fun. One is a Gun Manager and the other is a Weapon Spawner.

Gun Manager (left) and Weapon Spawner (right)

Gun Manager Gameplay Prop

First, let’s look at the Gun Manager gameplay prop: In the Gun Manager you choose a ranged weapon. You can chose what model you want and adjust any relevant settings, in order to fully customize you weapon. The Gun Manager can be manipulated just like the Player Manager. This means that if you use multiplayer variables to manipulate the Gun Manager settings – it will be individually changed for each player in your game. Remember that you need to set up the Weapon Spawner gameplay prop as well, in order for this to function.

Weapon Spawner Gameplay Prop

About the Weapon Spawner gameplay prop: You use the Weapon Spawner to give players ranged weapons. Simply select any weapon you have created with the Gun Manager and then chose how you want to give this to players. Examples: You can choose to have the weapon spawn on the ground or have it equipped on the character from the beginning. Other setups can also be experimented with. Remember that you need to set up the Gun Manager gameplay prop as well, in order for this to function.

Deathmatch Arena

We used the DeathMatch Arena game to test and develop the gameplay props. Many new shooter games will pop up from now on, using different weapons, different settings and different designs. Let’s start building!

Please be aware that this first iteration might contain a few Early Access bugs here and there. If you do come across any of those lovely bugs, please join the Discord and let us know. We hope all players and builders are going to enjoy the update, which will bring new content and great games.

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